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Visiting Park City?  Add Sim.Sports to your itinerary!

Say, "I skied Park City" even if you visit in the summer!

Skip the bunny slopes and shred as a family after warming up at Sim.Sports.

Get more out of your on-snow lessons by getting the family ready in a temperature controlled environment.


Sim.Sports has been captivating ski enthusiasts by offering an extraordinary ski simulation experience year-round. Our state-of-the-art simulators accurately replicate the sensation of skiing on real slopes, allowing individuals of all skill levels to practice their technique, improve their skills, and have a blast, regardless of the season.

Unparalleled Entertainment Value: Sim.Sports offers an exciting and innovative activity for visitors to Park City. Whether you are seasoned skiers looking to stay in top form or beginners seeking to get a taste of the sport, our simulators provide a thrilling experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Year-Round Appeal: Park City is renowned for its stunning ski slopes, but not everyone has the opportunity to visit during the winter months. Sim.Sports bridges this gap by providing a year-round skiing experience. Regardless of the season, you can still enjoy the thrill of skiing and maintain their skills.

Convenient Location: Sim.Sports is conveniently located off of I-80 at the Park City exit. Our facility is easily accessible from various accommodations in Park City, ensuring that you can participate in this exciting activity without any inconvenience.

Group and Family-Friendly: Sim.Sports is an ideal activity for groups and families. Whether it's team-building exercises, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or family outings, our simulators offer a fun and engaging experience for all ages and skill levels. Sim.Sports provides the opportunity to create lasting memories together.

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