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The Machines

We offer sessions on two different ski simulators; the Olympic and the WorldCup. 

1. The Olympic

The Olympic is the largest and most powerful ski simulator in the world.  The Olympic features a fully immersive panoramic screen with multiple projectors, 24 foot track, and an 10HP motor to simulate G force and reproduce the sensation you feel flying down a mountain.  Choose Slalom, GS or downhill, adjust snow conditions, and add moguls and bumps. 

2. The WorldCup

The WorldCup offers a lower price point that still simulates the same G Force you feel flying down the mountain.  The WorldCup features a 13 foot panoramic arc screen with multiple projectors, 19 foot track and an 8HP motor.  Log into the SkyTechSport app with your mobile device and access data from multiple sensors including your average edging angle, turns made, and track live leaderboards with other simulators.  

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SkyTechSports Mobile App

Both the Olympic and WorldCup simulators are made by SkyTechSports.  SkyTechSports offers an app for mobile devices to track progress after each ski and snowboard simulator session.

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