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Technology to Make You Feel Like You are Skiing or Snowboarding

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Sensors track your motion
Multiple sensors track position of your skis, your edging angles, and much more.
Powerful motors recreate G-Force
Our simulator's patented motion platform generates the same G-force you experience on the slopes.
Live leaderboard
Join the competition with skiers and riders all around the world. 
Fully immersive virtual reality
Ski Beaver Creek, Kitzbuhel, or PyongChang.  Adjust Snow conditions, add moguls, move gates.

Our simulators use a motion platform to generate the same G-force you experience on snow.


Our ski simulators are suitable for everyone from the US Ski and Snowboard Team to beginners who are trying to find a way to train off the snow.  

Simulators will be available by reservation and add-on opportunities will be available such as private lessons, birthday parties and social events.

What is Grit?


Grit is the passion and perseverance necessary for long-term and meaningful goals.  At Sim.Sports we want to provide the world's most advanced technologies  to train our athletes just like a professional and discover their grit within.    


Get Some.


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