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Best Off-season Ski Race Training in Utah

Utah's best ski racers looking to improve during the summer love to train at Sim.Sports Arena in Park City, Utah. Our simulators use immersive panoramic screens with multiple projectors, a 24 foot wide track for you to carve turns, and a 10 horsepower motor to simulate the G force you feel flying down a mountain. 

Not Just Simulators!

We employ experienced race coaches who can work with you on all aspects of your off-season training program including;

1. Dryland;

2. Mental Toughness, Motivation & Goal Setting;

3. On-simulator training; and

4. Gear & Equipment Management & Education.

Dryland Training is a variable that changes in intensity over the course of the year, and changes in focus as an athlete grows older. With the unique training opportunity our simulators provide we can adjust, in real time, to offer an athlete what will move them forward on and off season. This can range anywhere from teaching and preparing warm-up routines to better prepare athletes for their training/competition days to off-season strength and agility training.

Goal setting & Mental Toughness is the cornerstone of maintaining a productive athlete. Our Sports Psychology program allows for an athlete, at any age, to begin to critically engage with their athletic performance. As an athlete advances through age groups, competitive edge is found by athletes that can maximize the benefits of their successes and learning experiences. At Sim Sports we aim to provide an athlete with the means to understand effort and understanding as the implementations of self-improvement within their sport. 

On-Simulator Training. Our overarching coaching methodology centers around Biomechanics and Gear Mechanics. On-Sim training allows for a direct coaching response to the small changes and habits of the athlete. We make direct changes to an athlete’s body position where they have an opportunity to understand what the same changes would look and feel like on snow. This allows the athlete to efficiently practice any skill, within a controlled environment that allows isolation and focus.

Gear Management becomes crucial as an athlete advances in competitive ranges. The list of technical gear required to succeed is lengthy and gear management can help prepare an athlete for their best performance. We work with athletes on how to best utilize and upkeep their essential gear, how to prepare all their gear for competition/training days, and how to prepare for a new season/age group/discipline.

Contact us today to discuss training opportunities at Sim.Sports Arena, we have the Best Off-season Ski Race Training in Utah.


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